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Title: Lullaby
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: Lisa Turpin/Michael Corner
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluff
Notes: A cute little bunny.
Summary: Lisa sings her son a lullaby while considering things.

Lisa was wandering around the small nursery, her gold ringlets pinned up and out of her face as she tried to quiet her crying son. Joey was never the quiet type, not that she had expected a quiet son. She was still fairly sure Michael was gloating over the fact that he had a son with his older brother, despite the fact that she had been the one to suffer through labour and his response to three am feedings was to roll over and groan. Still, she didn’t expect anything else from him. She was happy, something she had never expected. Her pureblood upbringing and strict, workaholic parents had given her low expectations of family life, expectations that had long been surpassed by her husband’s family who had taken her in with open arms, practically before the two had started dating.

Michael was off somewhere, playing rock star, he had had a meeting with some record exec or label person or maybe an agent—she could never keep them straight. It didn’t really matter, though, he would be home soon, and she had her perfect little boy to keep her attention.

Even though her voice was not bad per se, she didn’t normally sing, but the crying was beginning to get to her, especially after very little sleep. Fed up, she began to sing some Muggle song she had heard on the radio.

Michael Corner got home, frustrated and running a hand through his hair. “Lees?” He called out as he looked through the old house they had called theirs before they had even bought it. Not hearing a reply, he headed toward the nursery, and a smile tugged at his lips as he leaned on the doorjamb and listened to her sing.

And if I stared too long/I'd probably break down and cry. Sweet child o' mine/Sweet love of mine…”

“Lees, I don’t think Guns n’ Roses is supposed to be a lullaby.” He said, half-laughing and trying to hide it. He always found Lisa’s culture shock and reactions to things adorable. Even as he said it, she turned and flushed.

“It isn’t?” She said in surprise, eyes wide.” She made a sound of disgust, and then looked at the infant in her arms. “Well, lullaby or not, it worked, so there.” She stuck her tongue out at him and giggled, continuing her serenade.


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Apr. 26th, 2008 05:26 pm (UTC)
Okay so Lisa is totally adorable and Michael is amused that his son is lulled by Guns n'Roses.
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