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My prompt table for hp_100songs (Morag/Draco)

1.Hopelessly Devoted To You 2.Just Friends 3.Yesterday I Loved You 4.My Best Friend 5.You And I Both
6.Always Come Back To You 7.Dare You To Move 8.Take Me Or Leave Me 9.Just The Girl 10.Somewhere Only We Know
11.Stupid 12.This Love 13.We Might As Well Be Strangers 14.Doing That Thing You Do 15.From This Moment On
16.Heaven 17.Tainted Love 18.Don't Lie 19.Quit Playing Games With My Heart 20.Somebody To Love
21.Flavor Of The Weak 22.I Want To Hold Your Hand 23.Far Longer Than Forever 24.Jesse's Girl 25.As Long As You're Mine
26.For Good 27.I Wont Say I'm In Love 28.I Just Dont Think I'll Ever Get Over You 29.When She Loved Me 30.You're Beautiful
31.Penny & Me 32.The Longest Time 33.Stuck 34.Listen To Your Heart 35.Co-dependant With You
36.Everytime We Touch 37.Only Hope 38.Invisible 39.Holding Out For A Hero 40.Broken
41.Reflections 42.Respect 43.Back Here 44.Learn To Be Lonely 45.Truth Doesn't Make A Noise
46.Look What You've Done 47.Always Have, Always Will 48.Caught Up In Your Love 49.Waiting (Save Your Life) 50.Foolish Games
51.Naked 52.Because Of You 53.The Damage In Your Heart 54.Til I Get Over You 55.Someday We'll Know
56.You And Me 57.Please Dont Tell Her 58.Out Of Reach 59.Crazy In Love 60.Take A Chance On Me
61.Incomplete 62.Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) 63.Your Song 64.Introduction To A Broken Heart 65.Dont Go Breaking My Heart
66.I'm Feeling You 67.All I Ask Of You 68.Autumn's Monologue 69.When You Say You Love Me 70.I Believe In A Thing Called Love
71.Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 72.True To Your Heart 73.Fallen 74.It Takes Two 75.Pain
76.Savin' Me 77.Someone To Watch Over Me 78.Have You Ever Been In Love 79.A Thousand Miles 80.My Heart Will Go On
81.I Can't Smile Without You 82.Don't Know Why 83.The One I'm Waiting For 84.Les Os 85.My Immortal
86.Everything 87.Why Can't I 88.If You're Gone 89.It's All Been Done 90.Something Good
91.Always On Your Side 92.Wherever You Will Go 93.Let Go 94.Good Times 95.Rock You Senseless
96.Writer's Choice--Both Hands 97.Writer‘s Choice 98.Writer‘s Choice 99.Writer‘s Choice 100.Writer‘s Choice


My prompt table for 50_darkfics
001. Ravished. 002. Dark Path. 003. Rule/Ruler. 004. Blood. 005. Lost Haven.
006. Claws. 007. Awakening. 008. Animal. 009. Branded. 010. Torture.
011. Weapon. 012. Bound. 013. Nails. 014. Coffin/ Buried. 015. Angry.
016. Evil. 017. Fear. 018. Conquer. 019. Slave. 020. Master.
021. Brutal . 022. Leash. 023. Unholy. 024. Power. 025. Destiny.
026. Ancient. 027. Narcissus . 028. Innocence. 029. Guilt. 030. Chains.
031. Flame. 032. Past. 033. Present. 034. Broken. 035. Oath.
036. Never. 037. Forever. 038. Outcast. 039. Eternal. 040. Dance.
041. Fixation. 042. Dirty. 043.Candle. 044. Hunger. 045. Lust.
046. Wicked. 047. Stake. 048. Leather. 049. Razor. 050. Eruption .
051. Yes. 052. Forced. 053. Light. 054. Gleam. 055. No.
056. Madness. 057. Please. 058. Mask. 059. Destruction. 060. Poisonous.
061. Feral. 062. Shadow. 063. Masterpiece. 064. Ghost. 065. Match.
066. Midnight. 067. Mighty. 068. Coven. 069. Forsaken.
070. Unbound.
071. Pain. 072. Sorrow. 073. Cry/Tears. 074. Darkness. 075. Non-con.
076. Anonymous. 077. Unforgiving. 078. Different. 079. Rain. 080. Restraints.
081. Clamps. 082. Metal. 083. Love. 084. Hate. 085. Indifference.
086. Bite. 087. Phoenix. 088. Rope. 089. Ball. 090. Tight.
091. Hot. 092. Wax. 093. Voice. 094. Lick. 095. Need.
096. Writer's Choice. 097. Writer's Choice. 098. Writer's Choice. 099. Writer's Choice. 100. Writer's Choice.

Claim table for hpfanfic10x10

101.Beltane 102.Suspicion 103.Hire 104.Broken 105.Bonfire
106.Dirt 107.Mistaken 108.Hypnotic 109.Room 110.Ask

My Salazar Slytherin/Rowena Ravenclaw table for 100quills

001.Blind. 002.Need. 003.Gold. 004.Foreign. 005.Refusal.
006.Impromptu. 007.Chains. 008.Miracle. 009.Justice. 010.Soft.
011.Water. 012.Choices. 013.Sliver. 014.Enemies. 015.Head.
016.Farewells. 017.Overturn. 018.Horizon. 019.Red. 020.Snow.
021.Children. 022.Blur. 023.Invisible. 024.Missing. 025.Flattery.
026.Miscommunication. 027.Wind. 028.Irritation. 029.Why? 030.Protocol.
031.His. 032.Club. 033.Breathing. 034.Wings. 035.Thief.
036.Tense. 037.Sunshine. 038.Smoke. 039.Passion. 040.Dirty.
041.Awake. 042.Ghost. 043.Rumor. 044.Mirror. 045.Eclipse.
046.Impossible. 047.Seek. 048.Image. 049.Welcome. 050.Wisdom.

Regulus/Dorcas for 100quills

001.Doubt. 002.Magical. 003.Tomorrow. 004.Blank. 005.Destiny.
006.Picture. 007.Gentle. 008.Wrong. 009.Circle. 010.Breakfast.
011.Ice. 012.Wonder. 013.Balcony. 014.Honor. 015.Shaken.
016.Regal. 017.Now. 018.Child. 019.Stone. 020.Clarity.
021.Weeks. 022.Purple. 023.Freedom. 024.Dark. 025.Too Much.
026.Friends. 027.Hers. 028.Journey. 029.Quarrel. 030.Regret.
031.Forgiveness. 032.Naked. 033.Transparent. 034.Ancient. 035.Severe.
036.Cemetery. 037.Risk. 038.Knots. 039.Warmth. 040.Promises.
041.Race. 042.Hero. 043.Natural. 044.Silence. 045.Who?
046.Tears. 047.Chocolate. 048.Parents. 049.If. 050.Ribbon.


Blood/Fire (Morag/Draco) is love


Teddy/Victoire is love


Regulus/Dorcas is love


Robin/Marian is love (twilight_city)


Serafina/Alecto is Finale love


Gaston/Drusilla is Disney twisting love (twilight_city)


Dagger Garnet/Zidane is love (twilight_city)


Michael/Lisa is Ravenclaw love.